Pursuit of independence

I need you to understand not being independent is putting oppression on my pride. People put me in a box. I have opinions, friends, and feelings. Typing has brought me promise. It turned things around. Listen with open minds. God is not finished with me yet. I really feel a purpose in spreading what i am doing. You never know who might preview my writing. Everyone deserves to have someone believe in them. I have an entire team that has faith in me!

Do you believe?

Really tough movie to watch. I have really struggled with my faith in people because there are people who want to try and keep us from receiving an education. You need to believe. At worst, you open the door to an education. At best, you give people respect. I want to be a teacher for the wayward souls. God can use me . We have a way to heaven and you have to trust in Jesus.

Worry corrupts peace.

Through trials i havent joined satan in his plan to overturn me. You cant let him ruin your joy. This is the opening through which evil comes and pretends to try and make you throw in the towel. Have good people around you to help and envelope you in the word of God. Vote the devil out! I worry about my future but then remember God’s promise of hope in Jesus.

Casting the first stone

A melting pot tribute to the arduous students who need staying power. There is a resistance to typing and really typing is what releases the change. Terminating the ways that help me is like taking growth only roads to nowhere. There is fear in what people dont see with their own eyes and some of them dont either.  You may not believe but it does not negate the fact i am. Be encouraging not hindering my spirit. Create an environment where we can succeed. I have that success with ACCESS Academy. Reach beyond what you can see and create opportunities for more students.

Being challenged to choose plenty

My winning the award made me open my eyes to the possibilities before me. I am hoping to join the council next year. I am hoping to finish high school and go to college. I  can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Cross your weakness’ off your list and work on your strengths. Make the most of every opportunity. My goal is to speak to the bureaucrats who help make things happen. Keep choosing to be motivated ! I am not finished fighting til everyone who wants an education gets one.

joshs award video 9/20/2014

joshs speech :  Thank you very much for thinking me worthy of this honor . Meeting people has always made me nervous so tonight is a very big step toward my future experience with public speaking, a goal of mine.  i worry about the awesome responsibility this is to represent people who type to communicate. There will be a day when presuming competence will be the norm, but until then i will work to bring awareness and dispel the myths about autism that have kept me locked inside this crazy body for 17 long years. Thank you to my grandpa Mike for helping the school. Thank you to Casey for being my coach and Tammy for bringing me an education. Thank you to Gail for helping set up ACCESS. Thank you brenda for supporting ACCESS Academy. Thank you to grandma Judy and my mom for believing in my abilities. Thank you to Ash for taking me in the car with you. Thank you to Craig for praying for me. Thank you to Lynda for watching me.  Thank you to God for this chance. Dont let any more people with autism suffer in silence!




Reaping the benefit of the doubt

I really have kept hope because people like my mom and Casey made other people realize I was very competent.  I got to visit my congressman today. It was exciting. You don’t realize  how not letting people use their voice oppresses them. Don’t mean to pry but people need to help instead of hurting. Be the lesser of two evils. Treat other people with respect. brownie points only count in Girl Scouts .

Praying for other people

I pray for the people that don’t believe in Jesus.  He opened up my heart to the truth.  You don’t need great speech to love others. I preach in my blog because I want to be a missionary . Naming someone autistic does not mean     Being silent. It means that you need to feed the mind.  Peter walked on the water in faith.  Jesus prayed that we would be get out of the boat . We need strength only God can give.  You need to help each  other. I am having a bad week myself .pray for me please.

Hope for others

People need to believe in us and not judge by our bodies! I pray everyday i prove myself worthy of the  blessing I have been given. I pray other parents find ways to type with their kids. Typing gave me prudence in dealing with people . I now opine my thoughts . I am a person with thoughts and feelings. Keep helping by treating us like equals. Thank you for being interested in my blog.   Matthew 4:7