Destined to fail

Being used in making some one see me as a person opens possibilities to get best therapies for autistics.  I struggle with getting  my body to do what I want and it frustrates me. I have thrown  things and did not mean to and everyone thought I was throwing a temper tantrum . It was my body  not listening. My brain understands everything but so many people believe I am less than competent.  you need to ask us everything because we are the products of years of false assumptions .  Help break these doors down! Meet some of us and it will create an opening to learn.  There are so many more you can reach.  Meaning to doesn’t get us anywhere . Actions speak  louder than words. 


3 thoughts on “Destined to fail

  1. Amy Standridge

    Josh, thanks for this! My nephew has autism and I love to be with him. He is funny and seems to understand my sense of humor. My children enjoy being with him, too, he is eight and my kids are 9, 8, and 3. They like to play Minecraft and pull each other around in a wagon. My nephew has memorized every kind of dog breed and can name any Pokemon character! He’s so smart. I don’t know anything about Pokemon so I can’t talk to my nephew about that, but I really want to get to know him better. He’s eight. I also work with people who have autism (I’m a music therapist) and would love to understand my students better, too. Thank you for communicating your thoughts on your blog – I will stay tuned in.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Susan Scully

    Thank you Josh! Your writing and the video of your baptism have encouraged me. I am a teacher of middle school students with autism. Tomorrow morning when I walk into my classroom, I will have a whole new vision and love for my students, because of your example. The Lord has used you for His great purposes. Keep striving to do and be all the Lord wills for you.


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