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Pride often rears its head in bitterness.

i went to Typers hell. Going to a movie is incredibly hard. My body is really impulsive, pulling in directions I can’t control. I almost didn’t last in the movie . I saw The Jungle Book. Being hushed is humiliating.  I realize everyone wants to hear the movie, but I really long to very much enjoy movies. Picture if your fried body psychologically can’t obey.  Be open to seeing the entire person and you will be blessed.



(Side note) The above is what Josh experienced after we went to the movie. I asked him if I could add a note at the bottom and he agreed. This is his mom. I felt terrible after reading this because it was very hard to hear about the hushing. I am guilty of doing that and it is a fine line where other people get to hear and we get to enjoy the movie also. We try very hard to be respectful of all parties, but he hadn’t been to a movie with me since we had had to leave the last time when several couples were extremely rude within  2 minutes of being there. He felt too guilty And that affected his body so much we ended up leaving. Just adding this to help you understand how much effort and determination it takes him to be able to accomplish this and that was what I told him when the movie ended. I was so proud he stayed and with each success we are able to move a little more forward.  We got to have a conversation about the movie after and I learned he wants to go see the batman movie lol. Anyway hoping this helps give you an insight into world Josh lives and decides to push through every day because he just wants to be able to do the things we so easily take for granted.  Thanks to all who read his blog and support him in his endeavors. We are so grateful and blessed to share so maybe one parent might rethink autism by hearing Josh’s thoughts.  God bless!