Monthly Archives: August 2015

Grace with love

Today was really great because i got to type with a new typer. It is great to pursue Friends such as matt. We have a similar story. Two is better than one. We had quite a good time. I wish i needed less support with  my body. Really frustrating wrestling with everyone. I  realize how much trouble it is calming me  down. I feel like a burden.  The family i have is not all my real family , i have my mom sister grandma uncle and grandpa, but have people like casey, tonya, chris, gabe, and hannah.  Be opposed to not listening to new ideas. Be open to what we have to say. The value of a voice is priceless.

Being ready for Jesus’ return

Every way each day we choose what we will demand of ourselves. We need to make sure we have Christ in our hearts. The way to get that is to confess your sins and ask forgiveness.  Go forth and make new disciples.  Treat each day as your last.  Heart issues are tougher than topics like school and autism.