Monthly Archives: December 2014

Worry corrupts peace.

Through trials i havent joined satan in his plan to overturn me. You cant let him ruin your joy. This is the opening through which evil comes and pretends to try and make you throw in the towel. Have good people around you to help and envelope you in the word of God. Vote the devil out! I worry about my future but then remember God’s promise of hope in Jesus.

Casting the first stone

A melting pot tribute to the arduous students who need staying power. There is a resistance to typing and really typing is what releases the change. Terminating the ways that help me is like taking growth only roads to nowhere. There is fear in what people dont see with their own eyes and some of them dont either.  You may not believe but it does not negate the fact i am. Be encouraging not hindering my spirit. Create an environment where we can succeed. I have that success with ACCESS Academy. Reach beyond what you can see and create opportunities for more students.