Monthly Archives: August 2014

Reaping the benefit of the doubt

I really have kept hope because people like my mom and Casey made other people realize I was very competent.  I got to visit my congressman today. It was exciting. You don’t realize  how not letting people use their voice oppresses them. Don’t mean to pry but people need to help instead of hurting. Be the lesser of two evils. Treat other people with respect. brownie points only count in Girl Scouts .

Praying for other people

I pray for the people that don’t believe in Jesus.  He opened up my heart to the truth.  You don’t need great speech to love others. I preach in my blog because I want to be a missionary . Naming someone autistic does not mean     Being silent. It means that you need to feed the mind.  Peter walked on the water in faith.  Jesus prayed that we would be get out of the boat . We need strength only God can give.  You need to help each  other. I am having a bad week myself .pray for me please.