Monthly Archives: July 2014

Hope for others

People need to believe in us and not judge by our bodies! I pray everyday i prove myself worthy of the  blessing I have been given. I pray other parents find ways to type with their kids. Typing gave me prudence in dealing with people . I now opine my thoughts . I am a person with thoughts and feelings. Keep helping by treating us like equals. Thank you for being interested in my blog.   Matthew 4:7

Top issue

I have severe autism and can’t talk. I am 17 years old and I want people to know I am in here. My life is very different since I started typing.  The top issue is belief. I need people to believe in my typing.  I am what people see when they see severe autism the brain is working but my body betrays me. Being autistic is very challenging. I am a nuisance to many. My body needs a place like Access Academy because they understand what I need for success.i want to be a missionary in Mexico.  I would suggest never giving up on your kids.